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    so i just got my treo...pretty neat phone hope to be able to play with it more later. so i turn it on and it connects to the local carrier here in the middle east(im delpoyed here for another month)...i turned the phone off until i find out somethings.
    first thing i did was go to my account and change to the media max 200. im okay with this right?

    second what kind of charges would i be looking at if i left the phone on? or made calls?
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    so i just called at&t today...$2.49 a minute where i am at!!! wont be making phone calls! also the guy was saynig that im not suppose to have the media max package and my internet will work but the package will not cover the cost.
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    1. get an unlock code from ATT
    2. get a local SIM card
    - this will let you make local calls for a reasonable rate, out of country calls to you will likely be free (check), and I have no idea how much it would cost for you to call out of country
    3. Lots of people use MediaMax plans on their treos aithout trouble
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    A few additional items:
    1. Get your phone unlocked *AND* tell them to unlock it from the US towers. They should know to do it at the same time you ask for the unlock code, but don't always, didn't for me.
    2. Get a local SIM - BUT, some areas don't have 128bit SIMs, like in Brazil, ask me how I know (there now, no TREO working for me). 64 bit SIMs in a US built Treo won't work. Treos are also produced in Brazil, have a different part number, took me a few trips to local providers and then an online chat with Palm to figure this all out...
    3. Get a local long distance calling card to call back to US. You burn local number minutes and minutes off the calling card, but it's still WAY less expensive than using the local SIM to dial internationally, at least that's normally the case.
    4. I have unlimited data plan. The info on Cing/ATT site says local minute charges apply for data, but so far, I've not seen that, data shows on last bill and no minutes burned for it. And minute rate to here is $2.29, so I'd have seen it if it was there. I have some calls at that rate, but they were to phones, calls I knew I made, not data. Of course, this could vary by which country you're in and how they bill back... OR, I could get a delayed, back-breaking charge, LOL!

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