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    I have a 700p. I downloaded my Goodlink software from and a Pin from my IT department. Will I be able to use the same link and Pin and just re-download the service on my new 755p, or will I need to get the IT folks at my company involved (which is a problem). Do they even need to know? (It is my device).
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    That really depends. If they made your pin (one time use, 7 - 45 day expiry, no expire date).

    I don't think there is a way to tell just by looking at the PIN they gave you or the email that you got.

    Unfortunately, you just got to ask your IT folk. Or just try it.

    For our setup, its a 7 day PIN.
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    Actually I have an email from Good (or maybe just an internal company email address of "Goodlink Admin") that says my pin will expire: Never.

    So if that's the case, and the pin will work on any phone, then I guess I'm okay.
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    The PIN will work for that phone only, even if it doesn't expire, once a device has been provisioned on it. You will get an error saying the pin is already associated with a device. You need to have your IT folks remove your old phone from the GMC and re-add you with new OTA info.
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    There are actually many good reasons for this to be implemented the way that Good has done it. Although it seems like a pain for the end-user, it is vital to the security of multi-user operations.
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