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    I have a Treo 700P. I use Hotsync to synch with my Outlook Calendar. I do this while in the office connected to our company Exchange Server. Both Outlook and the Exchange Server are version 2003.

    Awhile back we had a problem where the synch started duping Contacts and some (but not all) Calendar entries. I "reset" this by bringing in a backup of my Exchange Server calendar, then having it simply overwrite my Treo calendar with this calendar. Then I reset it to synchronize and "Outlook wins" on conflicts.

    I noticed lately that some calendar entries on my Exchange Server do not show up on my Treo no matter how many times I synch. It is not a lot of them, but it's more than a couple and a little disturbing.

    Any thoughts as to what is going on here? Thanks for any help you can give!
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    I've done a little more playing around and think I found the problem.

    I recently upgraded from Outlook XP to Outlook 2003 and use Cached Exchange Mode.

    What I figured out is that if I try to synch before a new calendar entry is synched into my offline Outlook file, it will never ever appear in my Treo; even if I synch again after it appears in my Outlook calendar, and even if (after it appears in my Outlook calendar) I tell it to have Desktop overwrite Handheld.

    I am hoping there is a better way than making sure my secretary hasn't made changes to my calendar in the previous few minutes and that I've been in Outlook long enough to synch them before doing the HotSync.

    Any thoughts on this are much appreciated, thanks!
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    I have had the same problem for a couple of months now. I haven't found a solution either. Sorry.

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