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    I installed FileZ as a Zip file to internal memory by using HandZipper Lite. I unzipped and installed. I was expecting to see a User Manual but could not find it. I then downloaded FileZ as a .prc to my SD Card. Still no user manual. Where can I find a user manual? Can I download it? If it's a PDF can I read it on my Treo 650? I used HandZipper Lite to delete FileZ from internal memory. It still shows up in the Internal menu on FileZ although the internal icon is gone. I would then assume I didn't free up memory when I chose delete FileZ using HandZipper Lite. How can I really delete the app from internal?

    One thing I wanted to know from the user manual is under Free Memory: what does In: 7% mean and what does Ex: 95% mean?

    I thought it would be useful to use FileZ to import Mp3s via bluetooth. That and many Treo users have found it useful. Since I'm not a programmer, I find the app a bit cryptic. If it's not useful for me I would like to know how to properly delete or uninstall FileZ so that there are not any remaining remnants stored in memory.

    Thanks for any help.
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    FileZ is a confusing app. if you are rilling to spend some money, take a gander at Resco Explorer. Its much better for managing memory on SD cards and sending mp3's and file's via bluetooth!
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    FileZ is a stand-alone app--if you delete it, it's gone. If you look in your RAM using FileZ, of course you will see FileZ listed--you're running it. If you're storing it on and running it from the card, keep in mind that it gets copied to RAM to run, then deleted from RAM on exit.

    To FileZ, Internal=RAM (or the NVFS equivalent), External=SD card. The percentages are how much free memory you have for each. In other words, 7% of your internal memory is unused and 95% of your SD card, according to FileZ.

    There is a user manual in the .zip download, and it is a .pdf file. You should be able to read the manual with PalmPDF provided you unzip the .zip file first.
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    Thanks Aaron for the Resco Explorer idea. I was only looking in the freeware column. I don't really need something like that at this time.

    Tom, thanks for your response as well. You cleared up the In and Ex for me. I didn't know the FileZ program copies to RAM to run. I guess I should send some files to my card to free up my RAM.

    As for the manual pdf, using FileZ I went to Filename > Card > Palm > Blazer > Download > FileZ_983.pdf > checked it, tapped Send (mailed it to my inbox, tapped on the attachment and got a Pugin Warning ? Unable to find a Plugin Viewer. Would you like to view it as a Text? I seem to remember viewing a pdf attachment once, but maybe not. I looked at Adobe Reader 3.0.5 for Palm OS (8.3 MB) but my Treo says max download is 2 MB) Is there a way around the max download? Perhaps I'll have to view the pdf on my home computer instead. If there is a charge for the reader, I don't need it that bad.

    Thanks again for your input.
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    Do you have PalmPDF in RAM or on the card? It has to be in RAM to automatically open to read a .pdf attachment in an e-mail. Adobe's reader requires conversion of the .pdf on a PC--it doesn't read "native" .pdf files, stupidly enough.

    Try running PalmPDF, then navigating within that program to where the .pdf file is stored.
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