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    Does anyone here use MegaDoc?
    I'm in the process of choosing the perfect "word-processor" for me. The two runners up are WordSmith and MegaDoc. I would prefer MegaDoc. Right now, I have everything installed, and I can pull documents off of my CPU on sync, but I can't seem to put them onto my computer with a sync. Does anyone out there who uses this know how I can get my documents off of my Visor and onto my computer? The PDF that comes with the download isn't very discriptive. :shortcut:
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    WordSmith is the best bet for 2-way sync. You can tell the
    conduit which folder to store your docs in. They will already
    be converted to Word. Just make a folder specifically for
    your docs and point the conduit to that folder. Easy!

    I know MegaDoc looks flashier, but WordSmith is much more

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    I gotcha, and I did that whole specifying the folder thing in the conduit. It took my documents down from my 'puter just fine. But when I synched again, it didn't put them back onto my 'puter. Now I don't see my documents on my hard drive at all. Should the "inbox" folder be the same as the "outbox" folder? Or should they be different? I'm confused...
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    OK, I'm an *****.
    For all of those out there who use MegaDoc, here's the answer: You need to specify which documents you would like synched back to your desktop by tapping on the HotSync column of said document. (see screen shot)

    Toodles!! :menu:
    P.S. I feel at home with geeks like you.

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