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    I have finally upgraded to 700p (VZW) and figured my long dormant THB kit can be used again. (I got it with 600 cradle, then upgraded to 650 and 650 cradle, and run into the wall with it back then)

    As I already had the 650 cradle, and I am assuming it is exact same cradle as 700, I assumed all I needed was the car-kit software from palm ( - loaded) and I am good to go. Well, not so fast. For whatever reason the 700 does not even see the cradle connected. Not charging, not anything. Now the funny bit is that when I insert my old 650, it charges fine (does not work for anything other than charging, but thats another well known story)

    Is anyone actually using this car kit? Does it work? What is your experience with it?

    Also, something I was wondering - is there any way to send sounds OTHER than phone calls to it? (i.e. pTunes or TomTom?)



    P.S. I just realized I probably posted to wrong forum, can a kind moderator move the post to right place. Thank you.
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