This has started for me after the latest MR.
I can bear with disconnection breaking constantly, but waking up 45 mins early is really cutting into my sleep time (about 5-6hrs over 3weeks).

I am not sure when it appeared, since I often don't have time to deal with problems, but I know it started after the MR upgrade. Initially I would lose connection (neither the browser nor google maps would be able to initiate a connection). At some point later on I noticed the 45min bug.. I have a feeling the time bug crawled it later somehow.

I would hard reset the whole thing, pick only a few (dozen or so) applications that I actually use from old backups, and things would be normal (connection would work/clock would work), but after a little while (last time in under 24hrs) both the connection can no longer be made, and the clock jobs. Clock can be fixed quickly by just clicking the 'manual' button, but you can imagine how annoying this can get.

Any clue, any idea? I am pretty tired of resetting, reloading, etc.. Seems like it's time to dust off a backup BB I bought a year ago or so.. would suck to lose all the apps though.