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    So, I just got my 755p and I'm porting over everything from the i500. You know, basic stuff, like contacts, applications, etc. One of the first things I go to do is setup my speed dials and what do I find? The Quick Key box won't let me enter a number in. "Hmmm, that can't be right," I say to myself. "If I look at Voicemail, it's got a '1' in the box, so clearly you CAN put numbers in." After a few minutes of frustrating myself, I pull out the manual...

    "For each favorite button, you can also set up a Quick Key that gives you instant access to the phone number or corresponding screen. Quick Keys are optional and can be letters only, except for the Voicemail Quick Key, which is preprogrammed as 1. The letter equivalent for that key is E, so you cannot assign E as a Quick Key to another favorite button."

    WTF?! How stupid is this? Not only does every other phone that Sprint has ever carried use numbers for speed dial, but why WOULDN'T you be able to use them on this device? The standard voicemail key uses them, so clearly it CAN work. This is so annoying, I can't stand it. I have 20+ speed dials setup on my i500, and now I have to learn some new system, when there just isn't any good reason why they couldn't have made this work on the 755p.

    Why deliberately prevent the user from using those 8 keys that could be used as Quick Keys? I say deliberately, since they made the Voicemail entry be able to use "1" as a Quick Key, so why not 2-9? You'd have to specifically exclude those, which just doesn't make any sense.

    Especially when you consider that when you are in the phone application, by default, those 8 keys (E, R, T, etc.) are set to number input mode. Wouldn't it be easier to just press and hold down any of those number keys to get the Speed Dial you want? Not to mention that it would probably be a good idea to follow the same Speed Dial/Quick Key standard that EVERY other phone on the market uses?

    Yeah, it may seem like a little thing, but it's basic phone functionality, and if they can't even get that right, then what more complicated things did they just totally screw up? It's only the first day, but I already miss my i500.
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    quick dials are single key. you can use those keys to do a quickdial but they will show as the letter instead. Same function just a different label.
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    You can use the remaining 25 letters of the alphabet as speed dial keys, and you can put speed dial entries onto the favorites buttons at the bottom of the phone app.

    Additionally, with some added software (I use Butler, but I am pretty sure there are several free alternatives that do similar functions) you can access these speed dials from anywhere. Inside any app, for example, I can hold in the letter "H" to call "Home."

    I think you will find this to be a pretty useful system. I know for me it's a welcome change to only having the 8 "touch and hold" speed dials from normal phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cavingjan View Post
    quick dials are single key. you can use those keys to do a quickdial but they will show as the letter instead. Same function just a different label.
    Yeah, you make a good point. I guess obsessing over what the label looks like doesn't make a whole lot of sense if it works the same.

    Thanks for bringing me back to reality. I think part of it was my five year love affair with my i500. I've not had a phone that lasted that long or that I liked quite that much.

    I'll take a look at Butler too. That may help bring back some of the speed dial functionality of the i500 as well.
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    Don't worry about it. Been there, done that. Personally I quit using speed dial and have been using Dial By Photo to accomplish it a little more elegantly.

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