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    Each time I toggle the phone radio on / off, up comes a notice that I have new voice mail. When I check, I usually find no new items.

    Other than repeatedly canceling the notifications, is there anything I can do to make it stop?
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    I had the opposite problem - I had voice-mail with no indicator. In my case it was an issue with my carrier (T-Mobile). You should call your carrier to make sure you're not having a similar problem.

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    If you search the TC forums you will find several discussions about this. The two solutions to resetting the voicemail notification which seem to have worked are:

    1. Call yourself, leave a voicemail, call voicemail and delete it.
    2. Call your provider and ask them to reset your voicemail indicator.

    I've had the problem a couple of times, and #1 worked for me.

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