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    Is there a FREE email application (POP support) that can be used with a Treo 600??
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    My Treo600 came with a app appropriately called MAIL that allowed you to configure your Pop account (I used it with my earthlink account.)

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    Any free email applications? And not the one that comes with the Treo 600. I would think there must be a few somewhere, no?
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    Don't know of any free ones other than Versamail. Chatter rocks, though, and is worth the $29.95. It does work on the Treo 600, despite what Palm says. Free trial at
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    it all depends on which POP3 server you use...I use gmail so I could only send from gmail with Eudora and had to forward all my incoming mail to my road runner account which I could check, but not send from...I know, confusing, but FREE...
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    Sprint offers a good free one. Search for email on the Sprint home page, in downloads.

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