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    I called up CS to get a replacement 650, but the guy said he didn't see any, and it was possible they weren't selling them anymore. He offered me a 700 for $649 minus rebates! I thought I read they were giving replacements for much less?
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    I would imagine that if you had to get a replacement phone b/c your 650 wasn't functioning and you had the equipment protection option on your bill, they'd have to give you the 700...
    I've heard that polar bear steaks are tough, but maybe if you marinated them in beer they'd turn out all right.
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    My wifes 650 recently stopped working. We took it to a Sprint "authorized repair center" (not a corporate store, but a 'Ralphies Wireless") and they replaced it with a 650. We had to wait a few days, but it was replaced at no cost. I was glad they gave her a 650...

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