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    I use the web function to check my hotmail account and this worked fine until a couple of days ago. Whenever I type in the web page to log into hotmail, I get a blank screen. This may have coincided with upgrading to windows live hotmail, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions?

    I can still go to other web pages just fine, but not the hotmail sign-on page.

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    Are you going thru
    V > Vx > m505 > m515 > T/T > T3 > TC > 650 > 680
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <a href="skype:wwgamble?call"><img src="" style="border: none;" width="150" height="60" alt="My Skype status" /></a>
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    I tried that and it works. Did they change something recently? I can even reply to emails now - another thing I was having problems with. Thanks!
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    They changed the front page, and Blazer won't view it anymore. The mobile works fine though.

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