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    The ear speaker crapped out on my Treo. My sister called me and I couldn't hear a thing until I put her on speaker. I tried all of the tricks here, but none worked. I went to Palm Chat support and got sent to phone support. I spent 95 minutes on hold then got disconnected. I had no idea that the operator will come on and disconnect you after you've been on hold for a long time. Long story short I have a replacement coming. At the end of my life I'm gonna want back the 2+ hours it took to get help.

    This is the first problem I've had with my treo and I hope it's the last. I'm just grateful I can still use my treo at all, but I'm more grateful that my CSR spoke wonderful English.

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    It's the headset jack. Even if you didn't use it. You can sometimes use headcold.prc as a workaround while you're waiting for your new one.

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