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    [COLOR=royal blue]Just came across this on PalmGear.
    I know it's just for the Kyocera now, but how cool would this be for Visor. It's just software,no mod. I would really use this. Could it work? Visor has a speaker.

    I should say, I have asked this before, and someone(in the know??) said that visor does not play phone tones. Anyone know-fer sure?[/COLOR]

    The Phone Dialer PlugIn for thinkDB 2.0 allows users to dial phone numbers from a thinkDB database. Currently the plugin supports the Kyocera Smartphone QCP 6035. The plugin allows users to write notes during phone calls and store the notes on the thinkDB Database.
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    I want this too!

    On palmgear a ways back I found software that could use the TRG Pro's speaker to dail numbers right from your address book just by holding it up to the receiver of the phone.

    It only works on the TRG which makes me think you're right about the palm speaker. A cheap module could do this too - I figure it would cost about $10 - and just need basic software to go from an address book entry to creating the tones on the speaker in the module!
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    Am I overly optimistist or can my Vpr do this?
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    Sorry guys - Visor hardware can't create phone tones

    Why don't you get a VisorPhone
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    $$$$$$ me thinks it's $299 w/activation. 4 now, I already have cellphone, which BTW I use much less than my Vpr.

    but thanks for the info anyway. Is it a 'physical' thing?
    "I cannot live without books." Thomas Jefferson

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