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    Can you use mp3 ringtones on treo 755p with out software like ringo?
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    Can you use mp3 ringtones on treo 755p with out software like ringo?
    No, but I think there is a freeware out there. Minitone?
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    no like rome said but minitone's is freeware but will require you to put the songs into ram instead of a card so keep that in mind.
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    I love ringo. Whatever I paid for it, well worth it.
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    Am I the only one shocked that a premium phone on the market can't do a basic function that every other phone can mp3 ringtones?
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    Im not shocked at all because not every phone out there will allow you to use mp3's as ring tones. example the samsung d807. The only way to use mp3s is by cutting them down do under 350 kbs. The samsung is an awesome phone, not an entry level handset. I could list more but that illustrates the point. And the thing is you can use songs, full songs as ring tones, with just a small and simple 3rd party app that works great.
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    There are plenty of free or pay choices to implement this feature. I'd rather have choice and no out of the box functionality than no choice and a built-in feature, I'm sure others feel differently.
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    Check ou this site
    I'm able to upload my mp3 or wav files and edit them the wat I want and send them to my phone. Best of all It's free.....

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