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    Hi. I just downloaded the IBM Java to my Treo and reset. Then I went to and downloaded the Gmail app. I can now run the Gmail app from Java with no problems. The problem is that GMail is not showing up as an app on the Applications list, either in the included Applications program or Initiate. In order to run GMail I have to go through Java.

    How can I get GMail to be it's own application so I can set it up as a favorite?

    Thank you!!
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    It's a Java app, not a Palm OS app, so it won't appear in the Palm launcher.
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    It showed in my Initiate 3 trial, dont think I did anything special to get it to show (Treo 680) - its doesn't have a nice icon though.
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    There is a version somewhere you can download which is a .prc file so will appear in the launcher. may help.
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    Here's the .prc file from gfunkster.

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