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    Just curious, I have heard on this thread of people using treolauncher,zlauncher, and numerous other launchers. I use Winlauncher becasue I came from a 6700 window base phone. It helped me so much to get use to the treo 755 plam version. It locates my card and shows what is on it when the native launcher just show nothing. You can put any wallpaper you want and I have enjoyed it. I have not seen anybody else mention this launcher and was just wondering if anybody else used it. It operates just like a window base launcher. fIt does soft reset without having to pull battery out and shows battery level. Just wondering if I am the only one out there that likes this launcher???
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    I tried Winlauncher and two other "Windows" like launchers and chose Launch-Anywhere, which I found to be a bit easier to use and with more options. As a note, I would not consider these launchers to be in the same league as ZLauncher, as a result, I use both Launch-Anywhere and ZLauncher.


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