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    when streaming with Kinoma, my screen goes off after a while (as usual) and I can turn it back on with no problem.

    Now, if the bandwidth is a little low and KInoma starts re-buffering, it seems that it does not do it while the screen is off. As soon as I turn the screen back on, Kinoma starts re-buffering.

    Is there any way to have kinoma re-buffer (when needed) while the screen is off?



    EDIT: actualy, the re-buffering works well while the screen is off, but it seems when the streaming starts again, the sound does not come out. The streaming time is there and counting, but with no sound. When I turn the screen back on, I see the time has increased. I then pause and re-launch the stream and everything goes well from there (while there is no need to re-buffer the stream with the screen off.
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    Are you on Sprint, using the 1.10 firmware (i.e. post-MR)? I remember getting this problem, as well as many others when streaming in Kinoma. The good news is that they just released a new version (4.3) that has fixed all of my streaming problems in Kinoma. You can download it from within the program by clicking "Check for Updates." Hope this helps!


    Sorry, I just realized that I'm in the 755 forum (I have a 700p but frequently come here because so many of the issues are the same). You should still try the update, though -- it may help!

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