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    The person in the thread link below mentioned getting his 650 replaced with a 755 on his contract. I wonder if the 650 is close to closeout yet, or if this was a good example of a customer getting taken good care of. There will be a mass following of people to their local stores, if so!

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    depends on what the insurance carriers have in stock. I have heard 650's on verizon being replaced with 700p's or even 650's
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    I know that the insurance company that Sprint users have still had 650s in stock a couple of weeks ago because they swapped one out for me.

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    I got a swapped 650 not too long ago.

    LOL ... I was hoping for the 700/750 ...
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    I don't get the service and repair plan mentioned in the thread, is it operated by Sprint? I know the insurance is handled by a third party. it's very unlikely the insurance will replace your 650 with 755p, they still got tons of refurbished 650.
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    And to note, the 650 is still a solid device. I see no reason to upgrade personally, but a few resets today have me rethinking.....

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