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    Hi everyone. I got a new stereo in my car that supports bluetooth audio. I set the stereo to that mode and then start pocket tunes on my 700p but the sound still comes out of the little speaker on the back of the phone. I also want to use my car's speakers for the driving directions from TomTom. How do I set these things up?

    Thanks much.
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    The 700P doesnt support the A2DP profile natively. You need to do a search for a product called Softick Audio Gateway. (SAG for short, do your search on that)

    I say product its really software.

    Congrats on your new car stereo, let us know how it goes with the 700 once you get it up and running!

    BTW, Softick offers a 2 week trial so give it a try!
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    Thanks for your help. I'll try it!
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    It seems to work really well for Pocket Tunes.

    Couple things I noticed which might be related. When I activate the Bluetooth audio, the 700p disconnects the Bluetooth phone. Can't have both. Another thing I noticed is when I started TomTom, it disconnected the audio device while trying to pair with my GPS device.

    It seems like the 700p can only maintain one Bluetooth connection at a time. Maybe that is normal. I don't know.
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    They recently released an upgrade that supports the 700P MR. THis is the FIRST version that finally works reliably. I am using it with the Jabra 8010 great!!! I have used it with Pocket Tunes and Kinoma. Only thing I use that won't work is SlingPlayer, but I guess that is asking too much ;-) (skips like crazy..i'm sure it's just too much processing power to run streaming TV & Bluetooth at the same time)
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    I am confused does the Sprint update allow the use of two bluetooth devices at once. Or is the update that Yirk is talking about the one from SAG. I understand this update solves some of the problems the previous versions had.
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    SAG 1.13 does seem to work great. Switching back from a call to music is now a second or two instead of 15-20 seconds.

    No hard locks yet! Crossing fingers and toes!

    700p MR installed.

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