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    Hey all-I searched around for this, but couldn't find it.

    Ok--I've got a memory card for my 755p and have been happily downloading onto it. How do I access that stuff? For instance, I've put some mp3's there and some utilities. when I view 'all' on the home screen, those utilities aren't there. And, just for kicks, I re-download it on the card, and the site tells me it's already there.

    I've checked the card -and all it says is app directory 9 items, 27.7mb, audio directory 12 items, 44.3

    but there's no way to see those items....I tried clicking all over the darn place!

    Any suggestions? I appreciate all the help--taking me some time to get use to the Palm O/S.
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    In the delivered application launcher, you'll only be able to see applications that are in your card's \Palm\Launcher directory...and even then, only if you pick the "card" category. If you downloaded the applications via Blazer, then they're probably in the \Palm\Blazer\Download directory.

    So, first check your application launcher's "card" category; if they aren't there, use a file manager, like FileZ to move them to the \Palm\Launcher directory.
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