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    It is with deep disappointment that I must inform this group that I have decided to depart from the ranks of Palm consumers. Alas, it was a disastrous relationship with the Palm 700p that finally did me in. The proprietors of Palm never seemed to have fully acknowledged the fundamental flaws of the device - a practice I find hard to fathom. After an unending series of exasperating challenges, I have given up on the device. Thusly, I must say, that after a decade long relationship with the various and innumerable incarnations of Palm, I am parting ways. I have chosen the Blackberry 8830 as my new companion. Whilst I shall miss the touch screen, I am already finding greater stability with the Canadian device than I had with Palm.

    I am obliged to thank this esteemed group for the camaraderie and jovial conversations.

    I best be leaving now.

    Thank you, and may God Bless the United States of America.
    I was large and in charge!
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    Another one gone - there should be a "reverse" counter here like the one at Treonauts that "counts" each treo sold. Maybe someday soon this forum will be called "SomethingotherthanaTreocentral"?

    (edit: nothing against anyone here or the fine folks that bring us this great forum - it just seems folks are getting tired of Palm)
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    We've got you covered, you can go to and still be a part.
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    I am going to be leaving too, once the 8820 comes out for verizon
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    I am going to be leaving too, once the 8820 comes out for verizon
    wtf is the 8820 about.... they have a 8830

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