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  • Get another Sprint 650!

    7 63.64%
  • Upgrade to the Sprint 700p!

    4 36.36%
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    I've had treos since the 180 and really love my 650. It's been an incredibly versatile, productive, and _stable_ phone.

    Unfortunately my phone jack went bad again (dreaded treo 650 problem) and this time no amount of soldering could fix it.

    I've read the many posts on this forum and, though I'd like EVDO and extra RAM, I'm definitely concerned about the 700p's stability.

    So, I'd appreciate your feedback: should I stay or should I go?

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    Sprint just replaced my 650p with a 700p under warranty and the 700p came with the 1.10 update on it. It's been great so far! (knocks on wood)
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    Why don't you get a 755?
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    This option wasn't listed in the poll, but GET A 755P!!!!
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    Do NOT get a 700
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    I wasn't thinking of the 755p for the following reasons:
    • It's more expensive (I can get a used 700p for $200, which seems like a decent price to me)
    • With a 755p I'd need to buy a mini-SD card, new case, etc.
    • Looking at the recent forum posts, the 755p is also running into its share of stability issues
    • The 755p isn't a big step up from the 700p spec-wise

    Am I thinking about this wrong?
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    the 700 sux, pretty unstable for me.
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    If you don't have a large investment on POS SW, get a WX.
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    755p dude at $150 why wouldn't you? I just got it and i luv it.
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    @cvela90: thanks, I do have a large POS investment and, from what I've seen of the software on the W side, it's less intuitive than its POS equivalent

    @cglaguna: I assume that price comes with 2yr activation? Unfortunately, I'm still about 6mo away from the end of my 2yr stint for the 650 :-(

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. So far most votes are in the 650's favor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by olop View Post

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. So far most votes are in the 650's favor.
    That's because you didn't put the 755 in there. Get the 755P, even if you have to spend a few more bucks.
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    I'd go with the cheaper thing and wait to see what's coming out in 6 months.

    You're already used to the 650, so you won't be losing anything if you get another.

    As for the 700p, I've had mine for, ohh, I think about 6 months (no way to know for sure) and it's been great. Never have had any resets or hang ups or anything. There's a slight pause when switching from or to the Phone app, but that's it, and that was there on my 650 also. It's a lot faster in accessing the contact book than my 650. Don't just go by what everyone's saying on here. There are a lot of 700ps out there that are great. Mine and a friend of mine's are perfect examples of this.
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    My 700p replacement for my 650 is going good. There are some quirks, and I prefer the ergonomics of the 650 actually.

    The EVDO speed and the RAM, well, they just rock
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    ^ My wife and I both have a 700p and we've been using them for about a year now with little problems. The key I've found is just making sure your third-party apps are up to date.

    We both use Chatter for push email as well as DateBk6, and many of the SHSH programs as well as the Splash apps.
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    i would say pass over the 700p and go to 755

    i had so many cache issues with the treo 700p which caused so many resets, my treo 755 is nice and stable now

    the treo 700p is still in the works for software update
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    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Nice to hear from some happy 700p users as well :-)

    Overall, I'll probably stick with the 650 unless I can find a cheap 700p. The 755p is tempting but I'd rather save my $ for that linux-based, POS supporting, treo I keep dreaming about ;-)
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    700P NO
    755P Maybe

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