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    Im curious for those VZW Folks out there who still read this thread. How did you get a non 700P replacement w/ a 700W or BB8830. Who did you call, who did you have to talk to to get this to happen. What details were involved (re-signing contract) paying extra out of pocket. etc..

    I've been on my contact/plan since november of last year and well since the MR I've been like the rest of you "at whits ends".

    I might just cut my losses and just go buy another phone for the hell of it because im tired.
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    I did. I believe you've seen my story on the big thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heavy Doody View Post
    I did. I believe you've seen my story on the big thread.
    Yes, I definitely did.. I just cant figure out how the fsck to pester them into getting a blackberry. Ive called twice.. I'm hitting stalwarts.

    Any tips? Should I walk into a store or just keep trying until i get someone to give in.
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    I ended up talking to a Data representitive. He knew the circumstances that they sent what was supposed to be a 700P with the 1.06 software, but it was just another 1.10 version. I point blank said, I respectfully am asking for a different phone, in the absence of any 700 P replacement (read that 755P) so it can be a 700WX or I think can ge the BB World phone. I have been with Verizon forever (Frontier Cellular, Bell Atlantic, Verizon at its inception) and spend big $ for 5 phones in my family. I'm sure all that helps my case. Especially when I asked about my contract end date. He called me back with permission and entered in my account notes for the store to handle. Mine will up until about the first week in September when it probably will expire.
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    VZW shipped me an alternative phone after two calls which I initiated and one callback from a manager. In my first call, I listed in excruciating detail every problem I have with the 700p and provided URLs for others with similar issues. The VZW rep said she would call back and never did, but of course before terminating the call I asked her to please note my complaint in their records and informed her I had recorded the call for my use during my pursuit of a replacement handset.

    I called back a week later and asked the VZW rep to please review my call log-- after a minute of silence, she forwarded me up the chain before I had a chance to say anything to her. During my discussion with the second rep, I again repeated all of my earlier complaints (had a list ready) and insisted we should either terminate my contract due to their inability to provide the negotiated services or I would settle with a new phone.

    She had a 'manager' call me back within the hour. The manager offered me a new phone within three minutes of discussion. I asked for a 700wx and I found it humorous that the manager offered a response akin to 'you know, people have lots of problems with 700wx, don't you want something different'? (after some use I have no problems with it)

    In short, I believe if you insist on a replacement phone VZW will comply. If anything, I feel VZW has provided me excellent customer service and I plan to remain a loyal customer due to their help during this frustrating time.

    In my case, I also ordered another line with a BB 8830 as this allowed me to test an 8830 alongside a 700wx (I did this after receiving the 700wx so ordering a BB did not affect VZW's choice to offer a new phone). After a week or so of testing both new handsets, I decided to keep the 700wx and I passed the 8830 to another user on our plan. My feeling was that the stability of the 700wx is satisfactory (only one reset so far (which I initiated) due to some junkware) and after dealing with the 700p for a year, I was very surprised the wx performs so well. The 8830 is great, but I prefer the better-developed universe of 3rd-party applications for the Windows mobile platform (which is surprising because I actively avoid Windows on my real computers). I'm more anti-M$ than most, but feel that WM is the best platform for multitasking with a cellphone at the moment (disclaimer: Open Moko looks interesting). I had also investigated solutions such as a simple cellphone for calls which could provide broadband to a Nokia 800 or similar to allow the use of Linux and other open source apps in a pocket-borne device and would still like such a setup-- let me know if any of you forge such a route in the coming days (I chose the 700wx because I settled for a single multi-function device and to my surprise it actually works as advertised).

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    care to share your fun list?
    M505 -> M515 -> Kyo6035 -> Kyo 7135 -> Treo 600 ->Treo 650 -> Treo 700P -> Treo 700 WX -> Samsung Saga VZW
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncc1701p View Post
    Any tips? Should I walk into a store or just keep trying until i get someone to give in.
    Not really. Sorry. The best I can do is walk you through what I did, which is already on the monster thread. I wish I could be more helpful.

    I guess the biggest thing is to make sure they exhaust you with 700p replacements. I had 4, counting the original. I think they finally realized what I had been through.
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    Verizon Tech Support (standard number) finally offered me any phone on Verizon's website (I took the BB 8830) after I sending me 6 replacement Treo's in one year.

    I got so many Treo's, the FedEx delivery guy started asking what was up.

    I think the trick is to be nice to the Tech Support person you are speaking with on the phone, explain your problem, and emphasize that every Treo is exhibiting the same problems.

    Good luck,


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