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    I have done a lot of searching and asked a few questions here and there, but can't seem to find an answer.

    Our small healthcare company just implemented MS Exchange Server 2007. We tried to get it syncing with my 755 and had issues. Part of it is that my small company chose not to purchase the safety certificate, but instead signed its own or something to that effect. So we tried the Palm conversion tool thing to get a certificate onto the Treo. It did not work or would not work or was not the correct certificate - not sure.

    Anyway - after further reading apparently one can turn on the IMAP ability in the exchange server. This allows one to get the email, but you don't get to sync with calendar and contacts. I think this would be even better as I do not want that info on the server anyway. All I want or need is the mail.

    Soooo - for the IMAP account. Will a safety certificate still be needed and have to be installed on the Treo? Or since the Treo also has the ability to do the IMAP will it be able to handle it. Will it still be "secure" without the certificate? How will or can that work?

    Any help would be great - thanks!
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    I would use exchange activesync, instead of IMAP. then your contacts, and calendar will sync as well as mail. You will also get push email that way, if you wish.
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    Well, except:

    - We could not seem to get it to work as the install manager would not load the safety certificate and/or we had the wrong safety certificate (how do you know which one to use).

    - I have since read that it usually messes up syncing by way of cable with the Palm Desktop which I would still like and want to do at home.

    - You're right it will sync calendar and contacts which I have since decided is not necessarily what I want to do or achieve as my company does not necessarily need to see that.

    - I don't need instant push email and have no problem with it pulling mail the IMAP way.

    So will a certificate still be needed if/when my IT guy enables that on the server on his end?

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    The last posts in this thread have some important information re getting the right certificate file.

    I've found that I really don't need to sync at home. Having access to the corporate contacts is priceless.
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    I will keep that in mind as I and my IT guy work on it. I haven't heard from him in a day or two so I think he is working on it - ha ha.

    My company is a small healthcare group and having access to the 20 or so corporate contacts would really not matter either way. I already have them in the Treo contacts app. We needed the exchange server for security of email and having it be HIPAA compliant. It was not so much because it is a huge company.

    This is why I really just need the email (hopefully by way of IMAP) and not the whole exchange syncing process. I realize it is great, but it is sort of overkill. And I still want to sync by way of cable at home to my home PC using the Palm Desktop - not Outlook.

    But thanks - my IT guy was asking if there was a certain format that the certificate(s) need to be.

    So does anybody know if a certificate is needed for IMAP?
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    Don't know if you still need the answer to this or not but....NO.
    You don't need a security cert for IMAP.
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    Go here, this will tell you everything you need to know about how to get the certificate from your server to work on your phone. I built my own exchange 2003 server so I could use my own domain and such and ran into the same problem and this article will help walk you through what you need. IMAP in my opinon sucks compaired to EAS with all of its timeout problems and other problems as well. Let me know if you need any help.
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    Sorry I haven't replied and kept up.
    We were able to get it all to work with the $20 GoDaddy certificate.
    Not necessarily my IT guy's first choice I guess as there was a slightly lower encryption, but it all worked and he could then tell me to go away - ha ha.
    Plus, I do sort of need the real-time push emails after all so this is better anyway.
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    Godaddy's $20 certificate should still be 256bit encryption, and are well worth the money. The article that I posted above would have fixed your problems with out having to buy the certificate but Im glad to hear you got it all up and running

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