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    Every time I stream radio on my Treo 700p it will work fine for about 20-25 minutes and then give me an “insufficient bandwidth” error. I am not sure what is wrong. It could be something simple I am not doing or have set up right or it could be something wrong with my Treo. I use to find my stations and stream them on my player. Does anyone know what could be my problem? I am not very tech savvy, so as I said it could just be something simple I just have the wrong setting in my preferences as or something major. Thanks!
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    I've noticed this, too, but with pTunes (I am assuming by the error you've listed you're going through Kinoma).

    Sometimes for me it happens immediately or sooner than the 20 minutes, sometimes it takes an hour. Usually a soft reset fixes it, sometimes just disconnecting and reconnecting takes care of it in pTunes.

    My experience with Kinoma, though, since the MR is that it always occurs, regardless of how long the connection has been active.

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