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    Originally posted by Anomaly

    The first entry in the database is for 's gravenhage: the capital of The Netherlands, and the last is zyrian: the Finnic language spoken by the Komi people

    Complete enough?
    Complete maybe, but not completely accurate. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. 's Gravenhagen (note the capital G, plus the "n" at the end) is the seat of the government (The Hague in English). In most countries the capital is the seat of the government, but not in The Netherlands.
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    It is sometimes a question of which frontend you like. Noah Lite, Noah Pro ( and Tomeraider ( all return the same definition. They are based on the Worldnet Project - Lexical Database of the English Language (

    Noah Pro 2.0 has VFS support. I am currently testing a beta VFS Tomeraider version (matchbook adapter and Kopsis VFS software
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