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    I agree it's fast. The only problem is that VM sucks for alerts. Even if you use butler alerts the screen turns on each time you get an e-mail which is supper annoying.
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    it can be annoying but you can select in butler not to have your screen turn on each time a alert if used.. I had to do that I think its under wake screen or something.
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    I have that enabled under attention grabber "don't turn on the screen to nag me" but my screen still turns on once a new email is received. How did you get yours to work?
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    well now that you say that I need to test mine and i will let you know. I haven't really been paying attention to it.
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    This app actually lets you just get the mail when you want it... and not automatically "push" it or recheck it every so so mins.

    More stable option for me. When its "pushing" mail, it just hangs my treo when i get to a low network signal area.
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    Godschoice, you said you use it for your corp. email. Have you found a way to access your global address book with it?
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    I was indicating that the interface is the same one they use for Sprint Bizcon Personal. That version, which has a monthly fee and requires your PC to be left on, does provide access to Global contacts, corporate calendar and Exchange email.
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    Quote Originally Posted by godschoice View Post
    I was indicating that the interface is the same one they use for Sprint Bizcon Personal. That version, which has a monthly fee and requires your PC to be left on, does provide access to Global contacts, corporate calendar and Exchange email.
    D%mn, I would prefer it over VM if I could pull up the global. I can't find an email program that will pull up the global, but VM. VM is ugly....and needs HTML support........
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    Is it just me or did this app slow everything down? I had to delete it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by leadbyxampl View Post
    That is a good idea! I have tried it and mail arrives quickly after it hits mail2web server
    I must not be too good to figure this out, but how do I set this up?? I use google mail to host my personal email ( how do i set this up.

    What do i need to do ??

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    Set it up as "Other IMAP" remove the http:// part.
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    if your using mail2web theb you shouldn't be using the sprint app for your email... use versamail and the second youe email hits that account it will be on you phone using their free push mail service... sprints email program doesn't use push mail...
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    Anyone else having problems getting the alarm sounds to stick? I need to use the softer Alarm Bells instead of the noisy standard Alarm at work.

    Also, is there any documentation for this program? Seven refers you back to Sprint.

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    I am not able to setup hotmail. Are there any special settings to doing this? I get an error stating that the server can't be reached.

    Error S7122:Cannot connect to the server. Please check your connection and try again.

    EVDO is connected as I am able to surf the web.
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    can someone please post the file here? TIA
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    I have the same hotmail issue as EGN. Has anyone gotten hotmail to work on this program?
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    Apparently, Hotmail doesn't work with this...looks like Glimmermail will have to do.
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    A big word of warning to those using this application. You better have unlimited text messaging.

    I just bought the 755p last week, and all I have is 300 texts/month. I downloaded Sprint Mobile and really enjoyed using it for several days. However, I came across a site yesterday (can't remember where) that stated you are charged for texts each time you receive an email.

    I called Sprint and the first person I asked said that wasn't the case, because I wasn't seeing any texts in my Messaging app. But I played around in the Sprint Mobile app and found the log, which showed a bunch of SMS files. I called Sprint back and talked to someone else, and sure enough it does count against your text messaging.

    Of course since I added a phone and changed data plans, I dont know how much over my 300 texts I went. Guess I won't know until I get my bill.
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    I got this last week and ended up turning the push portion OFF after one day. I was able to go to the sprint home page from Blazer on my Treo 700p and clicking Messaging & Email and downloaded it right there through Power Vision. Only thing it with 3 yahoo accounts and a gmail account all that "pushin" beat the heck out of my battery after half a day of swapping information with 4 email accounts My battery was at less then 15% full.

    I still have it installed, but i turned the push portion OFF, so I use it whenever I am not near a computer. I just initiate a send receive to update it whenever I use it. Plus its better then yahoo mobile my leaps and bounds since it shows attachments and html messages. It is fast and since its already logged in i dont have to log in each time I use it, and I have unlimited texting so I can afford to get emails from all accounts with it.

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    here's some info on this app that I found and it goes along with what stockjock said about sms:

    Sprint Nextel teamed up with mobile email provider SEVEN to launch Sprint Mobile Email. The free download lets users access popular webmail services (AOL, Yahoo, etc) as well as conventional POP/IMAP accounts.

    Sprint Mobile Email was designed to work well with multiple accounts, each account gets its own tab. It also can simulate push email (emails arrive on demand like text messages) through the use of SMS. Text messaging fees apply to this feature though.

    So its not true push but thats the feature that will eat up your sms messages.
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