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    this phone has a lot of stuff how do i get mp3s on my phone?
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    Read the users guide?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wardlowscott View Post
    this phone has a lot of stuff how do i get mp3s on my phone?
    You need an SD card. ....
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    How do I reply to this thread? lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    You need an SD card and a program such as freeware minitones or musictones or one of the commercial ringtone management programs. There are many threads on the subject on here.
    He didn't ask about ringtones. I presume he meant MP3 song files -- for that you don't need any extra hardware or software (although the more storage the better, and there are better alternatives to the built-in RealPlayer application such as Pocket Tunes).
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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckc192000 View Post
    He didn't ask about ringtones. ...
    Quite right. My mistake.

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