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    Just got a 755p yesterday and have been getting a lot of complaints from friends and family that incoming calls just go right to voicemail.

    I sat down with another phone and dialed my number in excess of 70 times today. Despite my phone claiming it has full reception, 90% of the calls either went directly to voicemail, or rang the standard number of times on the outgoing phone before going to voicemail, but without my 755p ever ringing. The general pattern seemed to be 5 or 6 calls to voicemail, followed by 2 or 3 that went through fine, then the cycle would repeat.

    Outgoing phone calls work fine. Incoming SMS text messages arrive immediately. Web service works normally. Incoming calls, not so much. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    Additionally I seem to get phantom "missed calls". The phone never rings, and doesn't appear to have had any activity while I was away from it. But when the call log is checked, a missed call will be evident without ever receiving notification of it. I did once receive a "missed call" notification for one missed call after missing a second one. The phone let me know I had 2 missed calls. This phenomenon seems to be independent from the incoming call problem described above. None of those calls ever appeared in my "missed call" log.

    Is this phone a dud?
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    I have had the same problem for ages. My 650 did it and now my 755p does it too. I have Chattermail and other products (Resco news that update periodically. I will have 1 voice message and then days later without any missed call notification, no voice mail notifications or missed call popup windows. When I check my VM, I will jave 12 or more VMs where the calls must have gone straight to VM.
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    this happened to me for a while, I found that it was because I was in 'force EVDO' mode while doing some testing with that, when i disabled that all of my calls came through

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    How do I check for "Force EVDO" mode?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wafflepunk View Post
    How do I check for "Force EVDO" mode?
    On the Dial Pad type

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    Thanks. Not my issue though apparently, neither of the two options available from that screen are activated.
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    How often do you have Versamail, or whatever you use, check for new messages. If you have something connecting to data services, it will go to voice mail. I get some calls daily that go to voice mail. I have EAS set up with "as items arrive". I get between 100 and 200 emails a day. This seems to cause some calls to go to voice mail.
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    I think its your PRL problem.
    check with ##DEBUG to see if you are on "Your SID"
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    I have the same problem. I guess ill try to see if any of these solutions help
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    I had this problem with my 755p as well, called sprint and told them to disable call forwarding. No complaints now.
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    ** UPDATE **

    Took the phone back to Sprint, technician said this was a known issue with BOTH the phone hardware and network software with the 755p. They said there were one of two causes:

    1) Hardware issue. FIX: New phone
    2) Network issue. FIX: Tech puts in a ticket to network guys, network guys need two business days to reroute your data/phone connection from their end, similar to remapping your cable modem at home.

    They tried swapping the phone first, seemed to work so they sent me on my way. 18 hours and extensive testing later, I've yet to miss an incoming call, even while web browsing. Thumbs up for the hardware swap for those of you still experiencing this problem.

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