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    i'm typing this on a plane. i'm headed to Europe and won't be on the Sprint nrtwork. Looking for ideas on how you use your Treo offline. I will probably still use the calendar and contacts.


    (going through no network withdrawals
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    Load up on a bunch of ebooks. If you don't like reading, get some games.
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    I just got back from 5 weeks in Europe GSM, when I got back I had a $1k bill to read. It was almost all Data.
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    When im travelling in places where there is no Treo net access, i find the offline tomeraider version of wikipedia invaluable. For example, i always check it for any medical stuff that's been suggested to me at pharmacy stores. It's been quite scary at times to find out the background of what's been offered to me with a most reassuring smile.

    it also provides reams of reading material of course


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    Thanks for all the responses. I just got over here. It definitely sucks not having a phone that works.

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