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    I have a two-year old Sprint 650 that I would like to add a media player app to mainly in order to stream HayHouse internet radio and be able to take a call and return while using the same headset. A new stereo bluetooth earbud set with mic came out: the Sonorix C3 (about $100). Looks nice! If I install Softtick Audio Gateway ($20) I get support for the earbuds. Then I'll need a streaming app like Kinoma 4EX or PocketTunes Deluxe. I have also heard of CorePlayer, mOcean and TabiStream. With the latest software updates what is the best bang for the buck? Is it even worth the trouble using 1xRTT? It's just that I'm not that impressed with the 755p to make an upgrade right now and the 800p is too far off.

    I also use an iMac G5 at home and come October when Leopard is released, I will get a MacBook. So compatibility with iTunes and QuickTime is a bonus.

    Thanks for your inputs.
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    Make sure to check the compatible device with Softtick Audio Gateway, because not all the BT headset are supported. Furthermore, I don't think CDMA technologies (1xRTT and Ev-DO) let you surf the internet and talk on the phone at the same time. To my best knowledge, only att/cingular with WCDMA phase 2 (aka HSDPA) has this function at the moment.

    For audio:
    With 1xRTT you can stream audio @ 96Kbps, if it is compressed by AAC codec, you won't recognize the different. I know Pockettunes (Ptunes) Deluxe is the only one can play AAC+ besides AAC, ogg, and wma. However, Ptunes is not compatible with MAC for synchronizing (version 4.0.3, so far)

    For video: Kinoma 4EX can play wmv, but not all wmv! CorePlayer is the commercial version of TCPMP (free).
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