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    A couple of weeks ago, after using the Palm Desktop I switched to Outllook as my primary PIM.

    I reloaded the Palm Hotsync manager to configure the conduits and was able to load up my the calendar, contacts and memos.

    I am having a continuing issue hotsyncing where entries seem to get duplicated, triplicated, etc.

    I have tried delting them from Oulook and syncing, deleting them from the Treo and syncing. I tried changing the settings in the Hotsync manager from "Synchronize" to "Handheld overides Desktop" or "Desktop overides Handheld".

    Somtimes the items delete successfully and don't come back during subsequent syncing. A day or two later, when I sync, they come back.

    Additionally, sometimes the calendar sync takes an abnormally long time, sometimes it's pretty quick.

    Any ideas? Should I use a different sync program? How can I fix what I've got? Can I somehow reload all the entries?

    Your help in appreciated.
    Dennis G. Esler
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    Try Chapura Pocket Mirror. Cured all my problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ralphwg View Post
    Try Chapura Pocket Mirror. Cured all my problems.
    Can you explain the difference between the Standard and Professional versions?

    Will Pocket Mirror also take care of the syncronization of my 3rd part apps?
    Dennis G. Esler
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    Chapura Standard is what I use. I believe that Standard is the recommended app. It syncs the Outlook items, not third party items. I believe that all my third party items that require syncing sync themselfes. By the way their tech support is terrific (with no charge) if you run into a problem.

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