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    after a month working just fine, it seems my calendar cannot sync properly with Exchange using EAS (Microsoft Direct Push) anymore.
    E-mails and contact can sync just fine, but when I do a sync of the calendar, it hangs towards the end of the sync in 'requesting' state, and then my treo resets after maybe 10 seconds like that.

    Based on other threads, I understand this may be due to a bad Datebook.db. How can I fix this? Can I just delete the Datebook.db and have it regenerated automatically?

    Please advise.


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    In case others are experiencing the same issue, here is how I solved it:

    from past threads, it seemed to be causes by a corrupted calendar file on my palm (with at least one appointment corrupted / not in sync with Exchange).

    So I did the following:
    - deleted in VersaMail the ActiveSync account
    - deleted the calendar file (CalendarDB-PDat) using Resco Explorer
    - recreated the ActiveSync account in VersaMail

    Upon the first sync, the calendar file was recreated and everything works correctly since then.



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