I searched the site for a resolution of two different issues and couldn't find answers. If threads regarding these issues already exist, I'd appreciate having someone point me in their general direction. If not, I'd appreciate any input on possible fixes. The issues are as follows:

1. My Treo 650 (PalmOS) constantly and incessantly has the display come on and then stay on until the battery finally drains (even though i have it set for only 30-seconds on). If I don't happen to see that it's lit, it winds up draining my battery completely, so I end up having no phone for the majority of the day.
I suspect it's software running in the background, but I have no idea how to go about troubleshooting to determine which application might be causing the drain, or why the display doesn't then shut off again once it's been automatically turned on.

2. The second issue is that my Treo 650 re-boots every single time I receive a text message. I suspect this is OS-related, but even though I've done a firmware upgrade (I use Sprint service), the problem remains.

Any input anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.