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    I got one!! I was actually waiting for the Sony HBH-DS980 until I came across this spiffy model. It's almost identical to the Sony model, but for 50+ dollars cheaper.

    I bought it locally at a shop here in San Diego for $90.00, I paired it with my Treo 700p and installed Softstick Audio Gateway and it works brilliantly! The sound quality is impressive for music and calls, and in case you don't like the included earbuds, it has a 3.5 jack so can add your own headphones. The build quality is Lexus-like

    Also, when people call me their phone number appears on the cool OLED screen. My favorite call feature is, if you press the main button once during an outbound or incoming call, it will place the caller on hold, and the phone number will also be displayed on the units screen "760-555-1212 call on hold"

    The AVRCP Remote control functions work great as well, I was able to Pause/Play and switch Pocket Tunes internet stations all while my Treo was still in my pocket.

    The battery life is also impressive I got almost excactly as advertised 7hours. I listened to Art Bell re-runs (yes I'm a loser) on Shoutcast all day

    Supports A2DP for stereo audio streaming and AVRCP for remote controlling music playback functions
    OLED display for caller ID and music playback status
    Simple charging via AC/DC adapter or USB
    Pairs and connects up to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously
    Up to 7 hours talk time, 6 hours of audio streaming, and up to 150 hours of standby time

    Built-in Wolfson Codec for incredible sound quality
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    Wish I got this instead of the Lubix LC1.
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    Looks like BlueAnt is rebadging this as the "BlueAnt C3" as well, although it looks like places only have the BlueAnt version available for pre-order.

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