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    A few days ago I wrote and installed an application with PDA Toolbox and the next day I had to hard reset because my Visor was flashing the Palm startup logo. I did not reinstall my application and had another hard reset necessary later that day. (One of those "I fell off the wrong side of the bed" days - and I was on the top of a bunk-bed!) I have pretty much restored everything with the exception of thinkDB. Every time I install it and then try and run it I get an immediate Fatal Exception and have to warm reset. DOes anyone know of any programs that they have had conflict with thinkDB? I truly enjoyed it and was in the process of writing a DB for work that would have caused a few purchases of the software. I have not received any help from their support personnel but have not yet posted to the yahoo group for assistance. Just thought I would start here. I run no hacks.
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    You need to use FileZ or Zcatalog to delete thinkDBtemp from your handheld. All versions before 2.0.4 had troubles with that file. I've been using 2.0.4 for about a week without troubles. I just had to delete the tempfile first.
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