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    Whenever i try and sync exchange and versamail i get this error..

    AirSAMStateMachine.c 3259 1510

    Anyone seen this before? Have any clue what i should do?
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    When I get it, it means my corp boxes are full. You need to clean them out to a .pst file. Or you may have too many emails on your phone.
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    so your saying if i clean out my inbox it'll work??? How many is too many??? HOw do i save to a .pst?
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    Not just inbox, but sent, and deleted as well. You have to create the .pst file in outlook on your work desktop.
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    As far as too many, that depends on how much space your companys IT department gives you.
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    update... I think the problem is with my calendar or contacts... Email syncs fine with push... but contacts and/or calendar cause the error... Any more ideas???
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    i have had that msg many times and I have experienced that time will only correct that error msg... I think it has something to do with the server side not the phone.
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    Thanks a bunch! So i should just wait it out?

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