I just moved from my 750P to a 755P, and ran into a weird one. I've used LightWave to play my ringtones for quite some time. LightWave is working on my system, but I don't hear the ringtones if I have a headset plugged in.

Here are some of the particulars:

It worked on the 700P, but I did move LightWave up from 1.6 to 2.4

I have LightWave use PTunes to play the sounds. PTunes plays through the headsets fine.

Other applications play through the headsets fine.

This all leads me to believe it's not a hardware problem, or a problem with the 755P, and likely a problem this version of LightWave; but before I start making backup copies and clearing out the system, I thought I'd see if someone had had similar problem.

It's important that I be able to hear the ringtones, as I use headsets on my motorcycle when I'm riding, and I have to be able to hear the phone ring.