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    I'm trying to get my 700p to use a BT GPS receiver with TomTom and a BT headset at the same time. From what I've read, it seems that it officially supports this, but that it's hit or miss. (

    Has anyone got this to work? Any suggestions on how to make it work?

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    I'd like to know, too, as I'm considering purchasing a BT navigator program/device to use with my 700p & I want to be able to carry on a BT headset conversation while being connected to the BT GPS receiver.

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    I'm close to throwing in the towel and getting a 700wx instead. I had a 700w and it handled TomTom beautifully. It managed both bluetooth connections without a problem. It would pop out of TomTom to take a call, then go right back in with the audio muted after I answered. Multitasking really helps out here. The lack of memory in the 700w caused some issues from time to time though.

    I love Palm OS, basically just for the PIM apps. If I could have the Windows Mobile OS with the Palm PIM apps I think I'd be thrilled.

    Running TomTom on the 700p just hasn't worked for me. Despite all my trying, it runs much more choppy than it did on the 700w and the bluetooth connections are a huge problem.
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    Notice that the person that claims it works did not have both apps at the same time, therefore it can't do both BT connections. I actually tried it today on my TT6. I was in TT6, switched to phone, made a call (manually), it connected to my BT Headset, I started TT6 while on the call, it never found the GPS.

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