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    I finally performed a custom ROM update today, in the hope that it would eliminate the annoying GSM related battery drain problem known as The Glen Phenomenon (TGP). (see this link for details

    This problem causes the battery to drain at a much higher rate than normal in standby mode, until a soft reset is performed, although it can also be deactivated simply by receiving another call in some instances. Through months of experience with my 680, I know it can change my battery drain rate from 4-5 days per charge, to 1 day per charge if I havent noticed it has happened. Anyway, there is clearly (in my view) still a serious bug with the 680 that PALM should have fixed by now. It can be avoided when you know what to look for, but we should not have to worry about such things. Stupid PALM.

    Whoops, nearly forgot - thanks alot to the folks who have made the custom ROM possible - great work, and thanks for generously sharing it. I certainly dont mean to sound ungrateful simply because it hasnt fixed TGP. That is a job for PALM.
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