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    I want to share something that happened to my Treo 680 yesterday.

    All of a sudden, after lunch, it went into crazy cycles of turning phone network off & on, & stated that only SOS calls were permitted. When this was happening my unit was next to my lap & desk top PCs (as always), & was standing upright (the microphone end standing on the magnet latch of my pouch) - that was the first time I had made it rest on the magnetic latch.

    A soft reset did not resolve the problem; and a reset by taking out the battery was worse : it hung at the Access page. Finally I did a hard reset, restore from the latest backup & left the office. Since then this harrowing incident has not re-appeared.

    I suspect external interference cause this incident & this may have corrupted some files.

    Anyway just to share this experience & hope this does not happen again.
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    I have a Cingular branded, unlocked 680 running on T-Mobile.

    It sounds a little bizarre, but probably around 10am eastern US (or a little later) my 680 was sitting on the desk and spontaneously reset. Kept looping so I did a soft reset. It would make it most of the way and then just started freezing so I had to hard reset.

    That is an odd coincidence.
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    Way too weird. I too had a similar experience on Saturday 8/18. So, I did a manual backup using NVBackup and then did a hard reset. I restored the backup and voila, it works like a charm. The programming gremlins awakened.
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    sounds like a over-the-air patch that was not well tested....

    or gremlins

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