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    How do you zoom in on images when you're viewing them?

    There HAS to be a feature like this....

    I havent been able to find it, and when looking at photos on the treo, it's very sensitive, because you can easily change the photo if you're not careful, or exit the one you're looking at at present time.

    Anyone have any ideas? I really am all out...
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    The supplied Pics & Video application is rubbish IMHO.

    Have a look at GrxView Lite (free) available from here or even RescoViewer .

    There are also other 3rd party photo applications that you may prefer.
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    The zoom feature, from the 650, is no longer present in the 680. In many ways, they should have called this phone the 649 or something like that. But, no, there is no zoom feature.

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