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    I'm mostly interested in using the 755p internet connectivity to connect to remote machines for work. I'm wondering if the latency is a problem for things like pcanywhere and rdp? I will most likely be using sprint.

    I know from doing some searches that people ARE using the 650 and 755p for this purpose, but I wonder how pleasant the experience is?

    Thanks in advance, and I'm sorry if this question has been answered, and my lousy searching skills didn't lead me to the answer already.
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    I think it works pretty well for RDP, I use it fairly frequently and its quite tolerable as long as you are in EVDO territory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crimson View Post
    I think it works pretty well for RDP, I use it fairly frequently and its quite tolerable as long as you are in EVDO territory.
    Thanks. I was starting to think that nobody was going to reply. ;-)
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    I got 500-600 kbps downloads when I tethered my Macbook Pro with my 755p today. Not bad. Way faster than when I used the Blackberry 8830, which topped out around 200-300.
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    woo brooooose welcome back!!!!
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    I have tried both tethered and BT using USBModem (never could get the hack to work right) and my experience is that tethered is considerable faster. However the location makes a HUGE difference. Connection to the net with a 755P is flakey at best.
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    I use pdanet about a hour a day, and it has worked flawlessly
    HTC Touch Pro
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    Ive used pdanet and usbmodem and found they connect perfectly every time ive used them. I even recently used them while I was in the hospital and all the nurses were really amazed at how I was doing it and how fast it was.
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    How does the speed compare between BT and USB connection?

    I've never used Treo as my modem but I am thinking about doing it from now on.

    Does BT connection as good as USB?
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    BT was never very reliable for me with the T650, so I was happy to find a solution that I could use with my Mac that would permit a USB connection (and pissed to discover that Sprint's software is Windows only - their store personnel are presumably clueless, as opposed to frauds).

    I'm getting 500-600 down also, and 40-50k up. I spent a productive hour at an auto body shop one morning doing some work via RDC on one of our servers from my MBP.
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    I have found that I get about the same using BT and USB but like cliff said USB is just way more reliable then BT.

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