First off, hello. Lurker for awhile, but I really need some help now.

I'm in a position where I need to have very basic internet access pretty much wherever I'm at. I'm a reporter and I need to be able to file from places where there might not be a ready connection.

I've got a Sprint 650 with 1.13 firmware. I've got Vista Ultimate (64-bit) on my laptop. I'd used PDANet in the past, but I've come to find that it won't work with the 64-bit OS, so I found USBModem and want to get it working.

I've tried multiple times to install the driver for USBModem, but Vista will never find it when I point it to its location. I would also like to try and use it via Bluetooth if possible. Luckily, I've got a week+ to try things out, so I seek this community's help in solving my issue.

Whatever questions I may need to answer to help this process, please ask them.