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    I'm having some trouble hotsyncing lately. I'm certain it's something in the port in the phone itself, since I've used three different cables and have had occasional success with each by wiggling, blowing on the holes in the phone where the cable plugs in, etc.

    Has anyone had any problem like this? Do you have any suggestons on what I can do to either clean my phone or even take it apart and clean or adjust it? I'm out of warranty, and frankly, since this is my fourth replacement Treo 650, the cell phone store is sick of me. In fact, I'd be on my 5th, but I figured out how to fix the stuck keys myself.

    I don't mind tinkering, but I'd like some instruction first, so I don't completely fry my phone!

    I've tried setting up BT sync, but can't get it working, so I'm afraid fixing the phone is my only option.
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    If its under warranty replace the phone. I had the problem. I still use bluetooth sync on my non vista machines and it works great. what bluetooth are you using. Kensington's bt was up and running in five minutes.
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    Like I said in my original post, I'm out of warranty. My provider will send the thing in for repair on my dime, which is why I'd like to try something that won't cost me money.

    If I end up needing to spend money, It's likely going to be for a different phone, anyway.

    Nevermind on my BT problems. I deleted my Laptop from my trusted devices list then re-added it and now it works. However, it takes FOREVER, especially when syncing Mobipocket. It's not practical.
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    I meant to say insurance.
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    No joy. Since the phone was replaced, I am not allowed to purchase insurance. Go figure.

    Anyway, back to the original question...anyone know of a way to tweak or "fix" the port on the phone so I can get better contact with my hotsync cable?
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    Try some rubbing alcohol and a Q-Tip to clean the contacts.
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    I use a regular pencil eraser on my Treo's contacts, then blow it to remove any eraser debries. Works like a charm on copper & aluminum!
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    Hey dude,
    I've got the same problem. Treo 650 now 2 1/2 yrs old, but the hotsync cable port started failing in the first few months. I, too, went thru 3 different cables. I too cleaned contacts with alcohol in order to improve connection. But eventually all these efforts which worked a little bit finally failed. The audio jack also doesn't work. So I've moved everything to BlueTooth. Yes, the slowness is terrible, but what alternative do I/you/we have? None, aside from pay repair cost so high that it would make sense to buy entire new Treo.
    Wish I had better answer. But I fear that we are both stuck with BT sync'ing and other workarounds like data loading directly to the expansion card via a card reader and that kind of stuff. I sync like once every 3 months and it always takes more than an hour. I do backup to the card with BackUpPro rather than relying on hotsync for backup. I move data (pics, mp3's) via the card. Guess that's the best we can do.
    -- Josh
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    Me too! Same problem. I had gotten it to work unbelievably by licking the contacts on the phone and then attaching the hotsync cable, that worked most of the time.

    I also cleaned the contacts and made sure that the plastic inbetween the contact points wasn't blocking the metal contact points.

    But alas, all the kissing and licking started to fail and now I just resorted to the Bluetooth sync, which doesn't always work but it seems better. If I keep the phone next to my bluetooth adapter (usb) it does work a little faster than keeping if far away.

    Robert L
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    Thanks for posting these suggestions! I have been having hotsync problems and the eraser trick worked for me today.
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    The lack of hotsync and audio jack is a problem. I'd say I'd spend about $50 to fix it, no more. I get by with BT, although it is frustrating.

    Anyone know where I can buy a replacement new/refurb Cingular 650 for $50? Think I'll post this as a new topic. What the heck.
    -- Josh

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