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    Hello All,

    Upgraded from Treso 600 to Sprint 755p last month.

    I like the new size although I have to reset the 755p more than with my old phone.

    I use the search function alot (shift, magnifying glass). The problem is every few weeks the function will stop working for me (when I hit shift, magnifying glass no search box comes up). If I take out my battery and reset my phone then I can use this search function again. My questions:
    1) Does anyone else have this search function problem and if so is there any way to fix it besides resetting the phone?
    2) Is there any way to access this search function besides the shift-magnifying glass key? Perhaps I can just access the search function another way as a work around instead of resetting the phone.


    JT Clark / San Jose, CA
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    I have a similar but different problem, in that mine starts to display the results of a search, then resets.
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    My search function randomly stops working as well. Usually if I remove the battery and replace it the search function will return...but not always. I'd love some help with this one as I use "search" frequently.
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    Same search bug, my "dimmer" switch stops too.

    I tried some software that added functionality to the seach. don't know if it was more stable and don't remember the name. Useful huh?

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