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    I installed Mundu 4.00 on my treo 650 and it is working great. I have all my msn contacts and get alerts etc.. great program so far.

    At work I have window messenger installed with SIP communications since my HQ is in Australia. I would like to communicate thru messenger to cut down on phone calls.

    I tried to add my work (which is not an msn account) email to test out to see if mundu would accept it however it told me that it did not exist since its not an MSN ID.

    Is there a way to get it to work? Or is there another program that can work with SIP communications.
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    Mundu will work with non-MSN accounts, but does not support voice (over SIP or any other protocol).

    There are a variety of SIP (VoIP) clients for Palm. I have Articulation (, but there are several others. Google up Palm and VoIP together.
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    I have windows messenger that shows it uses SIP communications. I wanted to be able to get a messenger program that will let me chat wtih my collegues thru windows messenger.

    Any help.

    I looked at articulation however that is for VIOP and to make phones call. I only need it for chatting thru windows messenger or another program that I can add my contacts thru the company.
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    Looks like my company uses microsoft live communication server with windows messenger 5.0. It uses our own email address and not a msn or hotmail account.

    I tried out gizmo project since it said that you could configure SIP accounts however it did not work. It added all my msn accounts however when I tried to add my work account it was not able to add me to chat.

    Any help?

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