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    This was easy on my 600 and then 650, but with this 680. . .

    In order to make a call from a particular person a different ringtone than the usual one, I used to select the ringtone when you setup or edit the favorite button. There doesn't seem to be this option on the 680.

    I called the Palm Store and they said there is software to play mp3s (the answer to every question is always buy something and it's usually not even the question I'm asking) but is there no longer a way to just change the ringtones for a particular favorite like in earlier versions?

    Pretty much the only reason I upgraded is because the sound volume on the 650 drove me crazy, I could never hear a voicemail if I was anywhere outdoors.

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    Whaddayamean by "favorite"? Are you talking about a contact that is in your "favorites" or "quik dial" list? If so, just go to the contact info and change the ringtone.

    If you want killer ringtones from any MP3 for free, just get the Minitones prog and your in biz.
    Patrick Horne
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    As LiveFaith said, if you want to use standard Treo ringtones then in the Contact application you can change each contacts ringtone.

    If you wanted to play mp3's on a per contact/catergory basis then Ringcare Mobile would be worth checking out.
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    Also as Livefaith said you can create ring tones out of MP3s on your phone with Minitones and they are added to your treo ring tones and can be used in your contacts. I find it to be an easy way to get the ring tones I want for free

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