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    Hey Everyone,

    Sorry for the newbie questions. This is my first treo and I have never used a bluetooth headset, only wired one. I have tried to read all I can on the forum, but I had to post some questions. Sorry if they have already been covered.

    1. Can I listen to music through my bluetooth headset using pTunes?
    2. How about with TCPMP?
    3. The manual says that I cannot listen with stereo bluetooth headphones, but would something like the Jabra Mono/Stereo Convertible Headset (BT8010) work?
    4. If my bluetooth headset is connected and I answer a call do I have to push a button to transfer the call or can I just push some button on the side of the headset and leave the phone in the case?
    5. Does the 700p support headset features like last number redial?
    6. I have not downloaded the Sprint update, do I need to download it to use the bluetooth feature?
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    1. No
    2. No
    3. You can, with Softkick Audio Gateway. There is a thread in the 700P forum or seach.
    4. Either way. Use phone or button on side of headset, or auto-answer option on phone.
    5. No
    6. No, but some would say it makes the bluetooth better.
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    Thanks for the reply. I have been reading about the Softkick program. It seems interesting. I think I am going to try it once I get my headset.
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    There is a pretty good deal on a Moto stereo headset at Radio Shack:
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    and as to the redial the last number question,

    Ive actually had success with this on my Oakley (moto) RazrWire BT headset.
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    Last number redial works with my headset, which is a LG HBM-730.
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    Okay. I have correct myself. I just got a Jawbone (awesome, btw) and it does do a last number redial. You have to press the main button twice.
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    Thanks everyone. I asked for the Motorola H700 for my b-day from best buy so that I could return it and try out a few if I didn't like it. I have heard that the jawbone is awesome. It is a little pricey for my first headset, but I may get one someday. I don't even know if I am going to like having something hanging off my ear. But I should have something by the end of the month.

    I was pretty excited about being able to listen to music on it. I hope that I can get the SAG working.
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    thanks for the tip on the moto that radio shack has.
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    another newbie question...

    can you use 2 or more bluetooth devices simultaneously? in particular, i'd like to be able to use a bluetooth headset and gps receiver at the same time. is that possible?

    thanks, mike
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    MikeP, I just listened to a treocast about this the other day. It would be great to be able to use two devices at the same time. I am not sure if it is possible with the 700p. I am pretty sure it is possible with the 680 so I would imagine that it can be done with the 700p. Basically I'm not sure, but I know that it is possible with certain devices.
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    Not on the 700p with TT6. I've tried. Maybe another GPS program lets you? I'm thinking that since Garmin uses it's own BT stack there mey be a chance since the 700wx can do it and it probably uses the same BT radio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeP View Post
    another newbie question...

    can you use 2 or more bluetooth devices simultaneously? in particular, i'd like to be able to use a bluetooth headset and gps receiver at the same time. is that possible?

    thanks, mike
    I use my BT GPS (TT6) and BT Car Handsfree (Sony Ericsson HCB-700) at the same time (700p)...
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    So it is device dependent, is there a feature or spec I should look for so that I can use two bluetooth devices at once?
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    I just tried a Moto H350 headset and TomTom Nav. 4 receiver at the same time and I did not seem to be able to use both at the same time. I believe that this is b/c the TomTom 4 software takes over and makes my phone just a GPS. I'm not really sure what would happen if someone tried to call me while I was using the GPS. Also the passkey for both bluetooth devices is the same, so they may not work b/c of that.
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    None of the Treos support simultaneous bluetooth connections. What will happen with Tomtom is that when a call come in and you have the headset on, it will drop the connection to the gps receiver and try to connect to the headset. Obviously, you loose navigation while on the call. Plus, it can take a few minutes to reconnect to the gps receiver after the call to regain navigation. This can be a real problem in city driving. I gave up using the headset while using Tomtom and use the speaker phone.
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    I know this is an old thread (found it while I was searching for something else), but to clarify, the Treo 700P can maintain two bluetooth connections. You can use a bluetooth GPS and a bluetooth headset at the same time. I have.

    The problem tends to be with the software that is used. For example, I have my Treo Bluetooth Headset paired to my 700P and my keychain BT GPS paired to my 700P at the same time and I am running TomTom 6.000 (7370). If a call comes in, the 700P brings up the phone app. I can accept or decline the call. If I decline the call, the 700P reverts right back to the TomTom app and there is no interruption, no problem. However, if I accept the call, the 700P will stay with the phone app. When I end the call, from the headset or from the phone itself, it unfortunately does not revert back to the TomTom application. You have to go back in to TomTom yourself and reconnect to the BT GPS. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the TomTom software specifically or with the Palm OS. I actually think it's the TomTom software.

    Some might say that what I've described shows that they don't work simultaneously, but my point is this... if I am using the TomTom software with the BT GPS and the phone calls rings my headset and I can hear it in my ear, then clearly it can handle both simultaneously.

    Anyway, just thought I'd post in case anyone else comes across this thread with a similar question.
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    After I posted to this old thread, I wondered if the situation would change if I update my TomTom Navigator software from its original 6.000 (7370) version. Perhaps there were improvements that addressed this issue of accepting a call over the BT headset. So I went about updating the software.

    Having now updated TomTom Navigator to version 6.030 (8270) on my Verizon Treo 700P, I have to say that there was no improvement. In fact, the results are more haphazard. The call might cause a restart of TT6 or it may stay in the phone app. Even if I reject the call, it may stay at the phone app. It's actually become less predictable in that respect. I was once able to take a call and have TT6 restart on its own, but it was never able to reconnect with the BT GPS unit. Disappointing...

    Oh well, it was worth a try.
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    You don't even need to expect TT to resume while on the call. I answer the call on the BT headset, switch to TT6 manually, it never connects to the GPS until the call ends.
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    you can't have 2 simultaneous BT connections (headset and garmin nuvi) on at the same time. for me it's one or the other.
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